The Art of Buying Art-Group Show!


When: Opening night, Friday September 5th 2008, 5:30-8:30pm

Where: Aldo Castillo Contemporary
                 465 e. Illinois St. at the River East Art Center
                 T: 312.222.0774 or 312.337.2536
                 F: 312.222.0775
                 Open: Tues-Sat, 11-6, 12-6 Sun
                 contact: Ana Maksin
                 for more information on the River East Art Center please visit:

What: Group Show: The Art of Buying Art - Important and Collectable Original Art Under $500
The Art of Buying Art
Important and Collectable Original Art Under $500
September 5 - October 11, 2008

CHICAGO, IL-Aug. 2008-The Aldo Castillo Contemporary is proud to present a program that will give a once in a lifetime opportunity for original artwork collection to the community in general.

This exhibition is consistent with Curator Aldo Castillo's mission of promoting and exposing the work of emerging and established worldwide artists and to the advancement of art education for children and the community as a whole. This provides the general public an experience of full diversity and interaction of the arts. The program is strongly supported by a group of well-established and generous artists from all over the world who understand the powerful impact art has on people's lives and that art should be available to all.

Established Artists Participating to date:

Francesco Cracolici, Enrique Flores ,Alejandro Contreras, Alex Mazon,  Karl Gerzan, Luis Fernando Uribe, Jack N. Mohr, John Mccarthy, Jose Luis Romartinez, Nana Tonkin, Joaquin Gonzalez, Lorna Marsh , Monica Sarmiento, Gladys Ortiz , Pedro Roque , Juan Carlos Cepeda Rios, Carlos A. Zamora,  Mart�n Klara Chavarria , Sergio Garcia, Mello Witkowski Pinto, Gabriela Robin , Scott Ashley, Cesar Garcia, Alejandro Quijano, Margherita Leon, Daniel Garde, Homero Hidalgo, Angel Santiago Plata, Rosa Galindo, Silvio Gayton, Robin Rios, Alfonso Fernandez, Amparo Climent , Monica Canete, and many more

Historically, the Aldo Castillo Galleries have been an important resource for cultural exchange among artists, educators, and the general public and also for cultural tourism. We strive to maintain these efforts in all of our endeavours.  On this note we are proud to annouce the aponsorship of Columbia College Chicago Arts Entrepreneurship Center and Tattooed Tees.

This event is partially sponsored by:

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"The E-center/AEMMDat Columbia College Chicago is proud to be a partner in the Art of Buying Art Exhibit, which provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their creative works of art...The E-Center seeks to empower artists to become self-employed and arts entrepreneurs and grow their businesses. This allows artists to make a good living and continue doing what they are passionate about."
Prof. Joseph Roberts, PhD,
Coleman Foundation Professor of Arts
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at Columbia College Chicago