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Contemporary Artist & Designer with over 25 years of career and professional experience.

Guatemalan-American. Born in Guatemala City, lives and works in the United States. Visual Artist working in different mediums, specializing in painting for more than 25 years. Graphic Designer, with over 20 years of experience.

She studied academic painting from the age of 8 years old. In 1992 she graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University Rafael Landívar in Guatemala City. She later relocated to the United States as a student and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, BFA, specializing in Painting and Graphic Design, at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. (1996).

She started her career in Marketing & Graphic Design, having her own company
for many years before she decided to devote herself full time as an artist. She has taught painting, drawing, and sculpture workshops at different venues, including The Art Academy of Cincinnati & Pendleton Arts Center in Cincinnati, OH. She has been part of artistic residences, including four years at the prestigious Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass - Aspen, Colorado.

Her work is part of the prestigious Museum Casa Santo Domingo Collection in Antigua, Guatemala, Central America. The works are in hundreds of International Private Collections including Spain, the United States, Guatemala, Netherlands, France, México, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Spain, and Argentina, among others. They are also part of important Corporate Art Collections across several United States -based companies, including MasTec, Inc., BBX Capital, City National Bank, Bruna-Seals, Gurian Law Firm, and LAM Group, to name a few. Other collections include the Neuman Association of Chicago in the US and others in Guatemala City.

Her work was also displayed at the Public Collection at the Museum of Science
and Industry in Chicago, as well as at O'Hare International airport.

She has exhibited her work individually in the United States and Guatemala & has participated in numerous group & solo exhibitions in the USA and Guatemala. Her work has won awards in the United States, and she has worked with different art dealers and galleries. The City of Miami Beach also selected her to design a Public Art Project from 2009 to 2010. Exhibited for 4 years at the National Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala City at the Latin American art exhibition, Juannio.

For over 20 years, she has held private art studios and gallery spaces across the
United States, starting her career in Chicago & Cincinnati, 15 years of which were
spent in Coral Gables/Miami, Florida. She currently resides in San Diego, California, and opened a new private studio & gallery space in La Jolla.

Her work is recognized for its expressionist themes & human concepts dealing with anthropological concepts in symbolic and abstract form. Her work explores themes of existence and the human experience, devoting thought to relationships, emotions, and nature.


An internationally collected artist recognized for her philosophical and spiritual concepts which incorporate figurative and abstract elements transcending into creating a spontaneous, innovative and emotionally filled body of work.

She has deep interests in life, philosophy, nature, humanities, spirituality and social subjects affecting our human condition and our shared human experiences.  


Museum Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua, Guatemala, Central America

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

MASTEC, Inc., Headquarters & Chairman offices, Coral Gables, Florida

City of Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

City National Bank of Florida, Headquarters, Miami, Florida

BBX Capital Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Cámara de Finanzas de Guatemala, Guatemala City, Central America

Neumann Association of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

ACZALAW International, Guatemala City, Central America

Gurian Law Firm, Coconut Grove, Florida

LAM Group Corp, Coral Gables, Florida

OCPC, Miami, Florida

Bruna Seals, Miami, Florida

The works are in hundreds
of International Private Collections
including Spain, the United States,
Guatemala, Netherlands, France,
México, Monaco, Puerto Rico,
Venezuela, Spain, and Argentina,
among others.

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