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This next section, Contemporary Art, is presented by artists who identify with this change of esthetic concepts and factors that societies model in all artistic expressions.


An artist born and raised in Guatemala City. Klara cultivated
an intense and enduring interest in art’s capacity to carry
and communicate human experience at an early age.
Growing up in a family of artists, Klara began studying art
when she was only eight years old.
Drawing from her rich international experiences, Klara’s
paintings, by combining lustrous color patterns with raw
and expressive textures, transcend cultural boundaries as
she continues exploring ways to elucidate spiritual and
human experience through her art. According to Greg Storer,
American artist and teacher, “Her paintings dance, sing,
laugh, cry, question, answer, and move.” She currently lives
in the Chicago area where she has her working studio.
Klara’s paintings are in collections throughout the United
States, Latin America and Europe.
“I want my paintings to be a vehicle that transfers you &
your imagination to a deeper and meaningful place.”

Klara Chavarría
Cell: (630) 345-0998 • Ph: (630) 402-0576

No. 33/Miami, FL, USA-2007
Iberoamericana International/Sociocultural Magazine