Klara Chavarria - New Work

Klara Chavarria. New Work

Klara Chavarria is an internationally acclaimed artist who has created a large body of work in a completely innovative style, which emanates a sophisticated philosophical and spiritual expression.

Her emotionally filled paintings are recognized for her deep and meaningful concepts, which incorporate figurative and abstract elements. With the use of a perfect balance of colors, textures, mediums and techniques, Klara creates powerful expressions and beautiful pieces that communicate with the heart of the viewer. Her paintings are in hundreds of collections in The United States, Latin America and Europe.

She has owned and operated studios & galleries in Cincinnati, OH, Chicago, IL. and now in Coral Gables, FL. to exclusively represent her artwork. Her work has been attracting a prestigious following clientele, and has been represented by galleries and art dealers nationally and abroad.

K. Chavarria has a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from KSU with a concentration in Painting and Design. She has deep interest and concern with the role that art has in human life.

"Klara Chavarria is a magician, a poet, a historian, and a fortuneteller. Her paintings dance, sing, laugh, cry, question, answer, and move. In the forest of paintings I have seen, hers are streams that flow with beauty, purpose, and magic. I am always inspired and illuminated by her work".
Greg Storer, Professional artist and teacher, Cincinnati, OH.