Klara Chavarría Kepfer, is an artist and designer that grew up in Guatemala City in a family of artists and teachers and started studying academic painting with a renowned local artist and professor when she was eight years old.

Her work is collected and displayed in hundreds of national and international private collections and in numerous venues with ongoing projects and exhibitions.

In 1993, she relocated to the United States as a Visual Communications transfer student and received a BFA from Kansas State University concentrating in Design and Painting.

After working for corporations in Design and Marketing and having her own business in these fields for many years, Klara Chavarria decided to abandon her corporate life and pursue her art practice and art career professionally.

She has had studios in Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, and presently in Miami, FL, where she currently works and resides with her permanent studio space in Coral Gables, FL.

For her, painting is an inner-search providing a creative outlet to communicate and investigate her interests, feelings and emotions. As such an integral part of her life, art allows her the opportunity to create, imagine, experiment, grow, communicate and share her concepts and vision with others.

Klara’s unique approach to expressionism and figurative abstraction, as well as her exploration of the spiritual, intellectual and emotional side of humanity, paved the way for her philosophically inclined body of work. In turn, her innovative style and concepts are ever changing and difficult to categorize.

Klara is an artistic supporter for various charitable organizations and supports the important role of the arts in society and in the community.


An internationally collected artist recognized for her philosophical and spiritual concepts which incorporate figurative and abstract elements transcending into creating a spontaneous, innovative and emotionally filled body of work.

Klara Chavarria has deep interests in life, philosophy, nature, humanities, spirituality and social subjects affecting our human condition and our shared experiences.  

Her work was selected by the City of Miami Beach to work and collaborate in a a public art and design project.

She has been invited and selected to exhibit at galleries, art show venues, exhibits and other events nationally and abroad. For several years, she received honorable invitations to exhibitions and to participate in the prestigious Latin American art auction “Juannio” at the Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala City.


-MASTEC, Inc. | Headquarters | Coral Gables, FL.

City National Bank of Florida | Miami, FL.

Cámara de Finanzas de Guatemala, Guatemala City

Neumann Association of Chicago | Chicago, IL

OCPC | Miami, FL.

Bruna Seals | Miami, FL.

LAM Group Corp | Coral Gables, FL

Gurian Law Firm | Coconut Grove, FL

ACZALAW International | Guatemala City

City of Miami Beach | Miami Beach, FL

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