"In my work the human becomes line and form tracing toward the source, eliminates any distraction or definition and aligns concern and question with my need for observation and the contemplation of life. I have an interest in the essence of our human self and not in any exterior definitions or characterizations." Klara Chavarria

"The concept of the work is an exploratory exercise in awareness, imploring us to look beyond the surface. Through the layering of ideas and experiences, it alludes to a life so blindly entrenched in its own ways, particularly emphasizing the distinction between what is, what one hopes and what ought to be..."  Klara Chavarria

“The work explores our shared human experiences and the mystery of life. I am interested in capturing the rawness in life, moments, thoughts, experiences, relationships, deep emotions, feelings and how these influence our existence. The process in an exploration to answer my questions. An inner search into the mysterious and spiritual aspects of our lives and how it is all connected to our physical world.

The work reflects a deep interest in our human condition, our yearnings and a search for purpose. I am interested in making some of the invisible visible and the intangible tangible.

A deep interest in the mystery of life, our humanity, our essence, what unites us and what we share.

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